A tasty gift for Christmas

Heinon Tukku's tastiest corporate Christmas gifts are here again for this Christmas. We have selected our most popular products for the best Christmas moments in stylish and convenient gift boxes.

Choose the gift package you want, either packed in a multi-purpose wooden box or in a stylish cardboard package - we will take care of the rest.

The availability is limited, so we recommend to make your order in time. Prices (incl. VAT) are valid from October 1st, 2020.

Traditional Christmas basket

The Traditional Christmas basket is a popular and versatile ensemble suitable for all kinds of recipients. The basket contains both drinkable and edible products, both salty and sweet. Domestic organic products are popular in the product selection. The traditional Christmas basket consists of dry products so it can be stored at room temperature. This basked you can pre-order well in advance.


8030203  Wooden box 60 €

8030202  Green cardboard package 55 €

8002497 Grey cardboard package 55 €



  • 706531 Kaskein festive glogg concentrate 1+3, 0,5 l
  • 8065544 Kulta Katriina dark organic coffee, filter grinding 450 g
  • 8068757 Hommanäs preserve assortment 4 x 35 g
  • 8067672 Fazer Praline Biscuits caramel hazelnut, 60 g
  • 8071546 Fazer Praline Biscuits lemon & yoghurt 60 g
  • 8052384 Karl Fazer Collection chocolates 145 g
  • 8067666 Hermanni crispbread Classic 150 g
  • 8067730 Lakumesta blueberry licorice, additive free 120 g
  • 8071261 Kantolan Valitut artesian mediterranean herbs salted cracker 130 g
  • 8072017 DLN Christmas nuts nutmix 180 g
  • 8072107 Earth Control chocolate-coated almonds with cacao 150 g
Festive Christmas basket

The Festive Christmas basket is a great option for a salty taste. The main focus of the diverse ensemble is on savory festive delicacies. Because the basket includes cheese - the number one Christmas delicacy for many - the basket requires cool storage.





8002491  Wooden box 55 €

8002492  Green cardboard package 50 €

8002495  Grey cardboard package 50 €



  • 8065774 Rummo Basilico pastasauce 350 g
  • 8072096 Rummo Fettuccine egg pasta 250 g
  • 8068842 Argal Fuet Iberico Manchego cheese 150 g
  • 8070962 Monumental Extra Virgin olive oil 250 ml
  • 8068759 Hommanäs jello assortment 4 x 35 g
  • 8039608 Castelli Parmesan Reggiano, 30 months 125 g
  • 8072245 Fazer gingerbreads with chocolate 175 g
  • 8072197 Fazer gingerbreads 175 g
  • 8068047 Terra Rosé balsamico condimento 250 ml
  • 8065519 Segafredo Biondo coffee, filter grinding 450 g


Christmas baskets can be ordered directly from the web shop or through our sales services:




When the number of gift boxes is more than 50, we can also build a Christmas basket customised to your wishes. Salty, sweet, drinkable, cool products - together we design the right package for your recipients!


For custom Christmas baskets, contact our gift service.

IISA ALEN:  lahjapalvelu@heinontukku.fi   /   tel.  043 2010 803



Christmas baskets are also available on a limited basis from Cash and Carry outlets from November.


Traditional and Festive Christmas baskets can be ordered directly form the web shop (from 1st October onwards).



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